3C Institute, in partnership with Columbia University, is looking for teens who have had some trouble controlling their asthma to test CAMP Air, an online program to help them learn how to manage and improve their asthma. 

 To be eligible, teens should: 

  • be between the ages of 13-17
  • have been diagnosed with asthma, and have had some trouble controlling their asthma
  • have access to a computer and high-speed Internet

Participation Details:

Teens in this project will be randomly assigned to one of two groups, Group 1 or Group 2.

Teens in both groups will complete online surveys at three time points about their asthma knowledge, asthma control, health care utilization, and asthma self-management. We expect these surveys to take about 30 minutes to complete, each time.

Teens in Group 1 will also be asked to:

  • Complete one part of the CAMP Air computer program each week for 7 weeks. This should take about 20-30 minutes weekly.
  • Complete a daily asthma checklist either online, or using a smart phone app. The checklist should take 1-2 minutes each day.
  • Complete a survey telling us what you thought about the CAMP Air program.

Teens in Group 2 will not have weekly activities, but will be given asthma educational resources and websites, and a referral to a medical provider if they do not already have one.

Teens who participate in this study will earn Amazon Gift Codes. Teens in Group 1 can earn up to $65 and teens in Group 2 can earn up to $60 for their time.

Parents of interested teens should click this link to complete a consent form and survey to see if your teen is eligible.

If you or your parents have any questions about the research project or being in it, please contact Mary Whatley, Research Assistant, by phone (919) 677-0102 x 632 or email study@campairprogram.com